Saturday, August 10, 2013

More from Ashley, OBG Alum and Guest Blogger

This is Ashley again (OBG Alum, '11). My parents are scurrying around so I know something's up. I've heard them talk about relatives coming tonight from overseas for a long stay. Well, that's OK, I like new friends. But then I heard the little girl was afraid of dogs on her last visit. How could that be? I love little girls and they've always loved me. Probably if I give her some kisses, she'll be fine…so we'll see what happens. Today my dad has been making something on the front porch. I never go out there (well, except for the couple of times I ran out the front door and scared them half to death). I'm only allowed go out the back door to play, go on walks, or to the car. Now Dad is working on a sliding gate that will stretch all across our front steps, so if someone, like one of the visiting human kids, forgets and leaves the front door open, there is a barrier so I can't get away. It's not like I rush people coming in or out, but, hey, if that door is wide open, the thought of a new adventure does call me. Mom and Dad told me they love me so much that they've made their house look a bit funny so they don't lose me while the 'non dog' people (whatever that means!) are here. You see my folks tell me I'm very smart, but the obedience thing seems to be somewhat lacking. I always sit nicely for a treat, I've always known my name, but when they call, "Ashley", sometimes I don't 'hear' them. I'm trying to teach them to always use the 'magic' word when they call me and I'll come running. "Ashley-COOKIE" always gets my immediate attention!

I've learned a new trick! It's called 'newspaper'. My mom stands by the front door with 2 sections of paper and Copper and I rush to her to take them to Dad who is waiting in the kitchen with a treat. The real trick is that Copper actually takes that yucky newspaper in his mouth and carries it, while I come up and sniff my piece, then run back for my treat for 'helping'. Now who is the smarter dog? My folks seem to be greatly amused by this morning ritual, so we're eager to do it every day. The other trick I've learned is dancing backwards like a circus dog waiting for my food bowl. This makes them smile, too, so more brownie points for me!

I went a few weeks ago to get my summer 'do'. I love to go to the groomer! First of all because I'm special, I get treated like a princess, and I always get groomed by my 'uncle'. He says I'm a model dog and everyone there wants to take me home (no thank you!)…but I just love all the attention and tender hands all over me making me even prettier - I call it my spa visit!

And great news, the 2 young humans, who have been here about a week now, just love us dogs! They pet us, throw balls for Copper, even nap with us - now if we could get them to share their food, they would be the perfect guests!

All for now,

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