Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another One of the 17 Things We Love About OBG!

Happy 17th Anniversary OBG!

Another one of the 17 things we love about OBG! We love the GROOMERS who help our pups get cleaned up, feel better and look their very best for meeting potential new families.
Pinot, One of the Be Mine 9 Getting the Initial Groom!

We can't thank enough all the techs at our OBG intake vets who sometimes have to clip pounds of matted and dirty fur off our pups.  Some of our pups haven't been groomed in months or years and may have been on the street on their own for a while.  Can you imagine the relief they must feel to get that weight off and a nice warm bath!

We are also fortunate to have good friends at the Olde Towne Pet Resort (at both their Springfield and Sterling locations) who offer a complimentary groom to OBG fosters.  Recently they helped OBG Foster Lucy go from furry to FABULOUS.  We want to thank Amy at the Sterling location for the gorgeous groom!

Before and After
Lucy, You Look FABULOUS!

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