Saturday, July 20, 2013

Update on the Search for Lincoln (Saturday Night)

Lincoln was sighted again last night (Friday/Saturday AM), in the same area where he got lost. The professional tracker became available to return to the park tonight - she is there now, waiting quietly with a humane trap.  She sounds very confident that he's been exhibiting behaviors that indicate he wants to be caught!   And if not tonight, she will be back again the next few nights.
With that said, we have CANCELLED the OBG search parties until further notice.  Searching the park, as we had planned, will not be in his best interest - it could send him running somewhere else and we would be back to square one.  If you live close by and would like to post flyers, we welcome your help.  
A huge thank you to those who have already searched and those who were willing to continue searching this evening and tomorrow.    
We TRULY appreciate the offers of help and other suggestions - you all rallied so quickly!  Our volunteers are why OBG is the best rescue around. 
Praying for Lincoln's safe return,

The OBG Board

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