Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday Update on Operation Find Lincoln

On behalf of OBG, thank you again for all your kind thoughts and prayers for the safe return of Lincoln. There were three sightings of Lincoln last night (Monday), so we know that he is alive, but as of yet, we have still been unable to catch him. The professional tracker hired by OBG and OBG volunteers have been spending the night in the park where Lincoln has been roaming every night since last Friday and the tracker will continue to do so throughout the week. We have tried various humane traps and are camouflaging the traps with the hope that Lincoln will feel more comfortable going inside if they don't look like crates. We are working now on getting a towel soaked with the urine of one of his siblings in the event that smell will encourage him inside the trap. We are also using food in the crate as bait.
Our tracker and volunteers have made friends with the local park police who have been wonderful about giving our people leeway to keep a trap set up all day long now so we hope that will help. The police even gave our tracker permission to drive through the park on roads reserved for official vehicles only and last night, the police officer even escorted her through the park. Lastly, we have a camera set up recording all activity around the trap so we can see if Lincoln comes close when no one is there. If he does not, then we know to move the trap. In short, we are doing everything humanly possible to catch Lincoln and bring him back to safety.

We have received several donations towards the costs associated with trying to catch Lincoln. We appreciate them all since this is an expensive endeavor. Nonetheless, OBG is committed to spending whatever money we need to spend to bring Lincoln home. If you would like to make a donation to Operation Find Lincoln, go to and click on the Donate button!

All our paws are crossed that Lincoln will come back to us tonight.

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