Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Night Update on the Search for Lincoln

NEW INFO: Call  703–622–4639 if you have seen Lincoln but do not approach him.

OBG has not yet been able to catch Lincoln, but there were two sightings of Lincoln today. One sighting was shortly before 6 am this morning. He was within just a few feet of his prior foster mom, but he is so frightened now that any time he sees anyone he runs away as fast as he can and she could not catch him. There was another sighting later in the day by someone who saw one of the OBG flyers that are hanging in the area, but the Good Samaritan was also unable to catch him.

Although it is extremely frustrating for people to be able to see Lincoln, but not be able to catch him, at least we know he is still alive. It is also a small consolation knowing that if OBG volunteers and the professional dog tracker cannot catch him, that means that people who kidnap strays for nefarious purposes cannot catch him either.

OBG is committed to do whatever it takes to get Lincoln back safe and sound. Accordingly, we are continuing to use the services of a professional dog tracker. In order for her services to work, we need Lincoln HUNGRY so he goes into a humane trap, so we have called off the OBG volunteer search parties and leaving the dog tracker to do her job. We hope tonight will be the night!

Some volunteers have emailed and offered to donate reward money to anyone who can catch Lincoln. Lincoln was a backyard breeder dog and has always been very, very skittish, even before he got loose. Under the circumstances, we do not think anyone will be able to catch Lincoln on their own; accordingly, a reward will probably not help, although we do have a reward offered now if a miracle does happen and someone is able to get a hold of him.

In lieu of additional reward money, please consider instead making a donation to OBG (via our website). As you can imagine the services of a professional dog tracker are very expensive and we want to continue to use her services until Lincoln is caught. OBG will also have medical expenses once we have Lincoln back since the first trip will be to the vet.

Our thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers and to all our volunteers who have offered to help and have been to the park to search for him and to hang posters. We have a great OBG family!

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