Friday, July 12, 2013

Tater Tot's Summer Vacation

Hi! My name is Tater Tot and you have already met my brothers, Raisin and Junior.  My Mommy said you were asking when I was going to blog so I told her I would blog about our trip to Florida!

Ok, first, Happy Fourth of July just a little bit late...I did have PLENTY of time to write this blog since it took a few dog years to get to Florida and return again this past Sunday.

Oh all my excitement to write my blog, I forgot to tell you a little about myself. My official name is Readal's Magnificent Fried Brown Tater Tot Pie. Pretty fancy smancy name, huh? I go by Tater Tot or TaTa for short. I am a proud OBG alumni adopted in 2006 after being found as a stray.

Ok, now back to my story...please see my selfie above in my holiday garb and all my excitement because my Mommy said I was going for a car ride to see all my Aunties and Uncles in Florida. Wooooo Hooooo --- I sooooo love them! She failed to specifically state that it would be one of the longest car rides in my 11 year history - please see second selfie to the right where I'm not very excited - I'm soo sleepy! (that's my bro, Raisin, in the background...he was helping Daddy navigate!)

But I survived the car ride and had a great time visiting with everyone while staying in my dog friendly hotel. Since it was Mommy's birthday, she received some new very cool dog toys (wonder why they gave her dog toys for her birthday?) which I thoroughly enjoyed playing with and, of course, sharing with my brothers when told. We went on lots of walks around the hotel and I enjoyed all the new smells but since I'm not a huge fan of wet grass (Florida waters their grass a lot!), I mostly walked on the sidewalk while my silly siblings were pulling me all over the place.

My parents were nervous during the fireworks that I would be scared but we couldn't hear a thing since they left the TV on as a distraction for us. That is such a great tip. More importantly, I was able to get caught up on all my soaps and reality shows while we were on vacay. It was fab!

So anyway it was a long ride home but we are back safe and sound! Phew! It was a great road trip to see my fam but I am SO happy to be back at the house and ruling the world.  I will write again soon after my next great adventure! 

Tater Tot

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  1. Tater Tot you are adorable! Love your blog!