Monday, July 29, 2013

Freedom Foster Drive: Interview with Short Term and Weekend Foster

Today we're sharing an interview with OBG Foster, Linda P. She provides temporary fostering to help bridge that important gap between a kennel stay and a long term foster. She also provides initial evaluations of dogs to help identify the best longer term foster for that dog. As you will see below there are different opportunities to foster for OBG.

We hope these interviews will help you consider becoming a foster. It is such a rewarding experience!! If you have any questions, click here to reach our foster coordinators. If you would like to apply to be a foster, click here for the application.

What are temp fosters?
Besides regular fosters, OBG needs volunteers to take care of dogs on a temporary or short term basis. This is to cover for fosters on vacation, or to take care of a dog for a weekend, or a another defined short period of time. Even the most devoted members of the foster crew can use a vacation. So I can take care of their pup while they are gone and they can have peace of mind that the dog will be well taken care of. Sometimes we have some dogs that are boarded in a kennel waiting for a regular foster and no matter how nice the kennel, the dog will benefit from a weekend, or a few days in a home environment. It gives OBG more information on how that dog does in a home, and it gives the dog a nice break from the kennel. Sometimes when OBG gets a new rescue dog, a regular foster home is not readily available, or they don’t know enough about the dog to be able to place the dog in a compatible foster home. So a short term, or temp foster can take the dog for a short period and be able to provide valuable information on that dog’s personality and behavior, in order to better match it up with a foster home or adopter.
Ginger, one of Linda's Recent
Temporary Fosters
Why does OBG need temporary fosters?
When OBG first gets a dog in, we know very little about the dog. Even if it is a dog that was surrendered by the owner, the information we get about that dog’s behavior and habits in that particular home may not match up with what we learn about the dog. As a temp foster, I can help provide the adoption and foster coordinators with valuable information that will help them find a good match for that dog. Some dogs do better in a home with another canine companion; some dogs are couch potatoes while others are bundles of energy. Some dogs are fine being left alone for a workday, while others don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. All of this is important to know before placing the dog in a foster home or permanent home.

Why do you like to temp foster?
I currently volunteer for OBG doing administrative work but I still need to get my hands-on “dog-fix”. Short term fostering allows me to do that and to get to meet many dogs. It is fun and flexible. If you have a schedule that will not allow for ongoing fostering, or if you are still deciding whether you want to be a foster, then short-term fostering may be for you!

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