Friday, July 5, 2013

Freedom Foster Drive: Interview with an OBG Foster

We're very excited to share an interview with long time OBG foster, Susan Arango. We hope these interviews will help you consider becoming a foster.  If you have any questions, click here to reach our fosters coordinators.  If you would like to apply to be a foster, click here for the application. 
How long have you been fostering for OBG? 
I have been fostering for OBG since 2002!

What is your favorite part of fostering and why? 
My favorite part of fostering is getting to know and having the opportunity to love so many more dogs in a life time vs. only having known and loved the dogs that would have been yours. Taking a rescue that is afraid, nervous, lacking confidence or having never had the opportunity to just be a dog is so, so rewarding. Watching that same dog pick up a toy for the FIRST time or give you a kiss for the first time is one of the most amazing and most rewarding feelings in the world.

When it is time to place your foster dog, how can you stand to give the dog to someone else? 
I will admit that even though it has gotten a little easier over the years because you are more aware of the BIG picture, it's still hard. But boy when you get pictures or emails from the adopter and seeing how happy your foster AND adopter is, you see what a difference being a foster makes, it truly helps you forget the tears when saying goodbye.

What is your favorite foster story? 
I have so many but I do have a recent one. My foster, Noble who is now Teddy B. Clarke, lived in a
crate for 20 hours a day. Not much of a life for 3 year old pup. When his new adopters came to meet him for the first time, it was as if the had all known each other for years the way they all clicked. Noble had met other interested adopters but would ignore them. This was highly unusual behavior for such a friendly and outgoing boy. Yet when he met the Clarke it was as if he had been reunited with his parents. It was crazy. The Clarke's emailed me that same evening that they were missing him even on the car ride home after just meeting him. Talk about love at first sight. Later that month the Clarke's had to go on a Pre-planned one month vacation. They missed Teddy so much they cut their vacation down to a week and a half. Knowing that your foster is so, so loved is the best gift a foster could ask for! Check out an adorable letter from Teddy to his foster, Susan, in an earlier blog post

What tips can you share? 
Open your home to fosters dogs and you will be amazed of the new joy you will find in the world. From here to there and there to here, you will find new kinds of joy everywhere!!!

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