Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Freedom Foster Drive: A Foster Interview

Today we're sharing an interview with OBG Foster, Lucy T. We hope these interviews will help you consider becoming a foster.  It is such a rewarding experience!! If you have any questions, click here to reach our foster coordinators.  If you would like to apply to be a foster, click here for the application. 

How long have you been fostering for OBG? 
For about a year and a half. We have fostered around 14 dogs.

What is your favorite part of fostering and why? 
Helping these dogs is extremely rewarding. After my husband and I got married, we realized that over the years, our charitable activities had dwindled to almost none. We really don't have a lot of money to donate but then we thought about fostering. It is a wonderful solution. It fits right into our day. Our dog enjoys having a playmate while we are at work. It is really fun and exciting every time we get a new foster. Homing a dog in need is a very satisfying and fulfilling use of our time.

When it is time to place your foster dog, how can you stand to give the dog to someone else? 
I was very concerned about this when we started and we just decided that worse case scenario, we end up with 2 dogs. But as it turned out, it really wasn't a problem. We just think of them like we are dog sitting for a friend. It would be weird to keep them, they aren't our dogs. We treat them like our own, just as you would do when dog sitting but we know there is an end date. I also believe that having a lot of say in where the dog goes helps significantly. We are always very confident that the dogs are going to a good home (sometimes even a better home than ours). If we weren't, we wouldn't be homing them there.

What is your favorite foster story? 
Oh it's so hard to say.  Each foster has been a unique experience.  We love getting to know these dogs. We like helping them through a time of need. We can always see improvement in their behavior and skills by being with us. We love seeing our dog play with them.

What tips can you share? 
The first thing you do with a new dog is take them on a walk especially if you have your own dog. Also use the support that is available from the group. OBG is very well organized and well run. There are a lot of resources, experience, and knowledge available to fosters and adopters. Don't be afraid to use it, everyone is very nice and very interested in helping. Finally, go to the shows if you can. It is the quickest way to find your dog a new home.

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