Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on our Friend, Fluff!!

Fluff and his Mom were at the VCA-Gaithersburg Open House last week and got to tell folks all about OBG!  Fluff looks fantastic.   Here are two GREAT photos of Fluff and his Mom, Marilyn.  Awwwwwww, so CUTE!!!

According to his Mom, Fluff is holding at about 24 lbs. Still loves carrots, (that is how she sometimes get him in the house by yelling "carrots" and he comes running -- he loves those carrots). He still takes daily walks, and she still watches the treats and food and he easily is staying at his goal weight.

She tells us that he doesn't bother her at all when she eats or the other dogs either, so she is not sure how or why he gained so much weight, unless he was eating people food or his prior owner free fed.  He does still have some loose skin but it is gradually tightening up. He loves people of all ages and well behaved dogs.  She says it's ironic that he gets along great with her reactive dog. . . maybe because they both leave each other alone. He loves exploring the backyard -- what a happy boy!!

Look at those SMILES!! 

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  1. He looks great! I have been wondering how he was doing! Looks so happy & cute!