Sunday, June 16, 2013

OBG Alum Boo Boo - a Story of Love and Patience

When 6-year-old Boo Boo first arrived at OBG, he was a sweet boy who seemed starved for love. But in his first foster home, we discovered Boo Boo had a bit of a Jekyll & Hyde personality. He was a sweetheart in the house, but when out and about, he'd bark and lunge at everything that moved: people, dogs, cars, squirrels. It was clear that Boo Boo needed some help.

We enrolled him in the Board & Train program at Beechnut Kennels, where he had 10 days of one-on-one training with Lindsey Reese. Lindsey helped OBG identify Boo Boo's triggers and worked with Boo Boo to make his walks more about fun and less about freaking out. Another employee at Beechnut fell in love with Boo Boo and when he was done his training, she volunteered to foster him and continue his training until he found his forever home.

A note from Boo Boo's forever mom:

I adopted Boo Boo in Jan 2013. He came with many problems. Boo Boo was afraid of everybody. He barked and growled.

I realized that he lost everybody he was attached to. He was moved from place to place. Every time he started to make an attachment he was moved. This shook his confidence. With time and a lot patience he has become a wonderful dog. Many of these rescue dogs are mentally wrecked. You would not give up your child. So don’t give up hope on these dogs. Boo Boo is very intelligent. Most likely the smartest dog I ever had. I am continually working with him and he becomes more fun every day. Don’t give up on the OBG dogs. They are the GREATEST. I would not trade Boo Boo for a million dollars.

The Latest: Boo Boo's forever mom takes him to Your Dog's Friend in Rockville to continue his training. He's graduated from Basic Manners class and is currently in Reactive Dog Class, a course that helps dogs like Boo Boo feel comfortable and secure when exposed to things that trigger their fears.

We're so happy for Boo Boo and so grateful to his Mom for all her hard work with him. 

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