Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello from OBG Alum, Raisin!

Hi Fellow Bloggers!

My name is Raisin and I was adopted in October of last year from OBG. I love my forever home with my Mommy, Daddy and two OBG alumni, Tater Tot and Junior. I will be five years old this summer and have been in perfect health except this one small thing that happened to me recently -- a CATARACT! YIKES! Yes -- can you believe it?  I said I'm just too young but my most fave eye doctor, Dr. C, says that you can get a cataract at this young age and it is hereditary (my mommy helped me spell that word). I could see one day and the next day, BAM!, it was cloudy and really hard to see out of it.  It didn't hurt too much but a little. I could still run, walk the 'hood, and chase all those squirrels in the back yard but it was hard to jump on my favorite chair so off I went to the eye specialist.

Well I'm proud to report that I can SEE! Yes, right after surgery I could see everything again. I'm wearing the dreaded "Cone of Shame" for three full weeks and I take lots and lots of drops each day until it is all healed. But I get yummy treats after each drop plus Dr. C gives me treats at her office so I really don't mind going every week to see her. She is soooo pretty and her treats taste good too. As you can see from my selfies, the cone doesn't stop me at all from playing with toys. I try to cram a few in the cone so that I always have one with me.

I don't like this cone of shame thing but it
sure is handy to carry around my toys!
So what's up next for me? Well I will get the cone off in another week - woooo hoooo. We head to the beach for vacay in Florida with my Mommy's family and then it's off to levels training at All About Dogs. My big brother Junior (a shout out Happy Birthday to Junior as he will be 9 on 1 July) recently completed his training and he is a rock star around the neighborhood now. I'm going to work on my shyness (aka confidence) and I'm super excited!

I will be sure to blog an update after my training class. Wags to all my fellow OBG friends!

Some info about cataracts:
Cataracts cloud your dog's eye lens. They can appear in either or both of his eyes. Because cocker spaniels are genetically predisposed to developing cataracts, they can show up in relatively young dogs. According to the California-based Animal Eye Care Clinic, inherited cataracts show up in dogs between ages one and four. Your dog can't see through that spot in his eye. Some cataracts are mild and don't enlarge, or grow slowly, while others can render your dog blind in a short time. They also can lead to other eye issues, including glaucoma and uveitis. Always consult with a qualified vet about the health and welfare of your pet. (source)

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