Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Update from Ashley: I Am Supposed to Sleep on the Big Bed!

Hi Everyone,

This is OBG Alum, Ashley, again. Now don't get me wrong, I really love Mom and Dad and think I've come to a great forever home, but it took me only a day or two to realize there was something strange about this place. My humans thought the chairs, sofas, and beds were only for them! I noticed my siblings, Cappy and Copper, didn't get up on these things, so either they didn't know they were meant for dogs, or they'd been brainwashed! In all fairness, maybe my people didn't know they were for dogs either, so I took it upon myself to teach them all about sleeping on furniture and human beds. Every time my mom's back was turned, I'd jump up on a comfy sofa or bed. Sometimes it took her awhile to find me - she was always looking down on the floor - but eventually she would look up, spot me and say, "Down, Ashley", and if I didn't get down right away, she would give me a little 'help'. Actually, this was kind of a fun game - seeing how long it took Mom to find me - although my sibs never seemed to catch on. Then one day a package arrived at the door - maybe a present for me! It was for me, but not what I expected. It was a long black 'whoopee cushion' which my mom started putting on one sofa, then another, then the big bed. When I jumped on it, it made this horrible noise and scared me a little. Well, our fun game was over! Can you imagine, they didn't want dogs on the furniture? This was a first for me, but since I had a nice doggy bed, toys, and was allowed free rein in the house, screened porch and yard, I thought I could adjust. The big bed though was another story!

See how nice I look on this flowery quilt? It's just like spring and I'm in a bed of roses! Mom and Dad would put the scary cushion on the bed sometimes during the daytime, but, of course, when it was time for them to go to bed, it came off. I knew that meant it was ok for me to jump up there and sleep with them at night. Imagine my surprise when they told me to get down again!! I just knew I was supposed to sleep up there with them, but they were determined not to let me. I was dumfounded! My dad was so persistent! - he would put me back on the floor maybe 5-6 times a night before I'd give up and go sleep on my doggy bed nearby. We duked it out for several nights and then I gave up.

After a couple of months I had another plan, I would sleep UNDER their bed! There was a tight space at the head of their bed which I could just squeeze into. I liked this better because I could hear them breathe (or snore) and could smell them close by and vice-versa - not great, but better. Of course, everyone thought it was really weird. My sister and brother would peer under the bed and look at me quizzically. Since Cappy would sometimes go under there if it were thundering, Mom wondered what would happen if we collided under there and got stuck - but it never happened. Months passed with this arrangement and then…..!

One night there was a tremendous storm with torrential rain, really loud and constant thunder, lots of lightening. Maybe the world was coming to an end! I came around to my mom's side of the bed and started shaking and whimpering and whining (I'm good!). And you know what? - She said, "Poor Ashley, you can come up here for a little while so you won't be scared". Well, did I need to be asked twice? My mom hugged me and petted me and said nice things in my ear. My dad petted me too and pretty soon I calmed down and went right to sleep - all cuddled in between them! I guess you all can guess the rest of the story - that's right, they finally realized that nestled in the bed with them was just where I belonged. I don't rub it in much that I was right!

It took me almost a year - my humans aren't the quickest when it comes to change - but now at night we are all snuggled in happily ever after!


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