Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Star's Happy Tail

The Chronicles of StarBaby

Though she arrived as “Star”, Kathy and the people at the Vet and Groomer all are smitten with her and started calling her StarBaby. She’s rapidly making friends and gaining admirers.

She is thriving. Happy. Playful. Still very much (at the age of 4) a puppy, full of energy who loves to play with any of about a dozen squeaky toys she’s accumulated. She loves to chase them when thrown, often is seen carrying one around in her mouth, but most of all loves to sit with them and gnaw on them to make them squeak. The ones that squeak the loudest are her favorites.
On the Ottoman

She has calmed down and settled in a lot since her arrival. Every day she seems to settle more and more into our timing and routine, growing more relaxed and happy as she does so. She is always nearby, though her favorite place in the house is an ottoman in the living room, where she often sits and watches the activities or sleeps. 

She also still likes the bed she brought with her. She also loves to sit on the back of the sofa in the morning and watch the squirrels and bark at the fox that comes out of the woods almost every morning and wanders around, stopping to grin at StarBaby as she barks at him. 

She and Nick are getting along well. Nick is our older (13) cocker … a retired show dog (Ch. Millennium Man) and my little man. 

At first they ignored each other but have become buddies, often delighting us by being found, when the alarm goes off in the morning, at the foot of the bed cuddled up back-to-back with each other. Her presence has done Nick good. He is more “lively” and seems happy to have a friend again.

She is quite smart and sits, “begs”, and slaps your hand with a paw when asked to “shake”, hoping the “high 5” will produce a treat.

She is the living embodiment of a “wiggle butt”. With a tail docked very short, her whole behind “wags”. Have never seen anything like that and it never fails to bring a smile.

She has stolen our hearts and has definitely found her forever home. We are thankful to all who made the right decision to work with OBG and ensure that she was looked after and found a good home.

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