Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meet Bonz - A Cocker Who Takes Being Active to a New Level!

Meet Bonz (pronounced "Bones")!  He is a high energy 4 yr old fellow whose his prior family wanted to find him a home more suited to his activity level.  As you can see, Bonz is quite a handsome fellow from his adorable nose all the way to the end of his luxurious, undocked tail. He's a friendly boy who loves other dogs and children.

Bonz is going to be happiest in a home where he can move around, go on a long walk or run in the morning, some active playtime or training during the day, and another long walk or run in the evening. While Bonz is snuggly and kissy, this pup is just no couch potato!

Bonz wanted to get in a few miles before
Reston Pet Fiesta!
And his foster Mom can attest to that!!  This past weekend, she went to get in some exercise before a busy day with OBG at the Reston Pet Fiesta.  She hopped on the treadmill and before she knew it, Bonz had hopped on too (it was going very slowly).  She stopped it of course, snapped this adorable picture, and then encouraged him to get his exercise in the backyard. 

And of course he had to shower before the adoption show!
He wanted to look his best!

Then after getting in a few miles, his foster Mom headed to the shower to get ready and Bonz was right there.  He decided he needed to get ready also and jumped right into the tub before her!

His foster Mom says he is a sheer delight and makes her giggle all the time.  Who could say no that face?!! You can read more about him and reach his foster mom by clicking here.

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