Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Guest Blogger, Kaylee : My Love-Hate Relationship with Thunderstorms

How to Train Your Humans: My Love-Hate relationship with thunderstorms

So I both love and hate thunderstorms! They can be very scary with lots of bright flashes and light and worse - huge booms of thunder. I do not like thunder at all!! At the first roll, I dive for my people and demand to be held. I tremble and shake all over and don’t stop. Thunder is the worst!

But thunder is also the best, because the only time I get to sleep in the people bed is when there’s thunder at night. Even when I’m super stinky, I’m allowed in the people bed then. And I REALLY LOVE the people bed!! I’ve trained my people to let me crawl right between them so I have a human sandwich of thunder protection. And best of all, I get to put my head on the pillow right next to them. Ok, sometimes if the thunder is really scary I put my head under the pillow. I love it here. My people snuggle with me for hours and give me nice pets while I shiver until I calm down. And then even after the thunder goes away, I get to keep sleeping on the people bed. At least until one of us gets too hot. I wish I could sleep in the people bed every night, but I’ve been told I can’t. Sigh. One of these days….

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