Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ginger's Happy Tail

Patsy & Ginger
Ginger joined her new home in early February. She had a tough few weeks but her new sibling, Patsy and her family's love and attention has transformed her. This is such a wonderful Happy Tail!  We are so grateful for our adopters who help our pups through these difficult transitions. 

Here is an update from her Mom:
The first weekend was rough for Ginger, with her trembling constantly, cowering from human touch, and refusing to eat or drink, but she took refuge in her bed, right next to the one Patsy uses in our living room (and now look at them-inseparable!).

Ginger and Patsy keep us laughing all the time as we observe them mirroring each other's posture and expression. They follow each other around, trading the leadership role. If one comes over to get patted the other is only a step behind. They nuzzle each other, rest a head or paw on each other, and learn from each other.

Ginger still hides from strangers, but comes around quickly if Patsy gets patted by or jumps on the lap of a family member who is "new" to Ginger.

Larry, Ginger & Patsy
Yet the 2 of them are quite different in many ways: Patsy is short and stocky... Ginger is tall and lean. Patsy has a supersize tongue... Ginger's is really teeny and it takes her much longer to eat. Patsy is not a morning dog... Ginger jumps up, runs downtairs and out the door before Patsy even finishes stretching, let alone saunters out of the bedroom.

Both of our OBG dogs are mild mannered and gentle. Can you tell we adore them? They've really enriched our lives and it gives us so much satisfaction to know we're enriching theirs, as well.

Thank you so much, OBG!

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