Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ziggy Marley's forever home blog post!!

Hi everyone, it's me, Ziggy of the Be Mine 9. I've been in my forever home for two whole weeks now and I love my new life. Every morning when my mom wakes up, I give her tons of kisses. Then I follow her into the bathroom. (What? She gets to watch me; it's only fair!)

On our morning walk, I've found the best places to leave messages for the other neighborhood dogs. Sometimes my mom tries to walk in a new direction and I don't let her. Doesn't she know this is my walk? I get to pick where we go, mom! I love sticking my nose into the wildflowers and giving them a good sniff. Sometimes we bump into my friend George. He's a rescue dog, too. I've met lots of my mom and dad's friends, including some kids. Everybody thinks I'm handsome and I like it when they pet me.

Mom taught me this game called "Fetch." Have you heard of it? At first, when mom would throw my favorite yellow ball, I'd bring it back to my bed and chew on it. But I figured out that when I bring the ball back to her, she gives me a treat and then throws it again. That's way more fun!

The eye doctor says my cataract surgery recovery is going well. I only have one more follow-up and then I'm done with the eye doctor. She even says I can get a haircut now, so I'll have handsome new pictures soon.

There is one problem with my forever home. There's this... thing. It makes a lot of noise and mom rolls it around the floor. I hate it. What is that thing? When mom turns it on, I run into the other room. Then if I'm feeling brave, I peek my head in the room and bark at it until it goes away. Whatever that thing is, I am not a fan.

All in all, things are great! I heard that my friends Kasey and Patton have gone to their forever homes, too. I'll keep my paws crossed for Ainsley, Buffy, Miss Bocelli, Pinot, and Dylan! (Rest in peace, Emma. We miss you!) Anyway, I need to give this computer back to a human, so I'm going to go snuggle in my bed for a nap. Sniff you later!

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