Sunday, April 7, 2013

Guest Blogger Bungie: How to Train Your Humans

High Quality Food makes the difference

Bungie here. As many of you know, cocker ears can be tough to keep clean.  The heavy flaps trap moisture and bacteria in our ear canals, giving infection a prime place to grow.  And it turns out, more and more vets are coming to believe that food allergies/intolerances can also lead to ear infections.  How funny – why would what goes to my tummy have an effect on my ears?! I must have napped through that biology lesson - but it turns out that it’s true!  

I have had chronic ear infections since I arrived at OBG.  After many trips to the vet, ear cleanings, and ear drops, our vet suggested that we try a limited ingredient diet.  Viola! Several brands of limited ingredient food are out there (and most of them are delicious!). Limited ingredients mean no corn, wheat, soy, or animal byproducts are included in the food.  The vet also suggested that we try a “novel” protein.  So now Kaylee and I get to dine on delicacies such as “Duck and Potato” or “Bison and Sweet Potato”.  Yum! And with a dollop of high-grade wild sustainably caught salmon oil on top, we have a healthy feast that minimizes ear infections and leaves our skin bright, soft, and shiny!  Wags all around and bone appétit! 

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