Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ashley's Happy Tail

Ashley & Cappy
Hi Everyone,

This is Ashley. I thought I would give you an update of the past year and a half in my forever home. You may have seen pictures of me and my sisters in this blog back in September of 2011 with my mom and dad saying how wonderful, sweet, and pretty I am. Well, I still am all those things and they still tell me that almost every day - music to my ears!

My dad really likes Golden Retrievers and when another dog of theirs passed away that summer before I came, my mom looked on Petfinder after a few months and saw my adorable face under Golden Retriever! My luck to be half Golden and half Cocker! Soon I was in the car with my new mom and dad on the way home to meet my two sisters, a Golden named Grace Kelly (Gracie), and a little mix called Cappy (Cappucino). Really? I wondered who would name a dog after coffee! I’m glad they were going to keep my feminine girly name, Ashley. We all got along great, Cappy was especially glad to have someone about her size to run and play with again after losing her lifelong companion.

They had new toys for me but the only ones I liked were the ones that I could tear the stuffing out of and spread all over the house. I especially liked to take them outside to spread the insides. (I also like napkins, paper towels and plates.) My mom soon found the squeaky toys that were 'stuffingless' and she stocked up on those - I had a raccoon, a skunk, and several others. They were my babies and I would take them in my bed (a story for another time!) and from room to room and line them up side by side. I was a terrific mommy! I only chewed on them a little bit and kissed them a lot!

Copper falls asleep on his back - how unladylike?!
Then after I'd been in my new home just 3 months, something terrible happened! My sister Gracie very suddenly passed over the Rainbow Bridge. My Mom and Dad were so sad! Gracie was my dad's hiking partner, too, and he was the saddest, but I could always get him to smile again. Then after a couple of months it happened! They decided to get another Golden Retriever, a big boy, and a youngster (big baby is more like it!) What were they thinking? (They had wanted me because I was a mature lady of 6.) He was a stray, so didn't have a name. They named him Copper because of his color, but because he has sort of squinty eyes (not like my big beautiful ones) they sometimes call him the Thug. It is certainly appropriate! The first thing he did was grab almost all my babies and eat them! What? Obviously, no daddy instincts there! When Cappy and I were getting attention he would always horn in; getting treats, he would try to get ours, too. He would get on the furniture! He would fall asleep on his back - how unladylike! When my dad would take me for a walk, he would run from window to window, barking and whining…such childish jealousy!  

OK, so he's been here a year now and I'm getting used to him. Actually, he's gotten a tiny bit more mature and he and I love to pounce and wrestle and bark at each other at daybreak to remind Mom and Dad we're hungry. Mom or Dad gives me one of my 'babies' when Copper is not around - like when he and Dad go to Lowes - and I get to have one in the big bed at night, so it's not so bad. They bought Copper a new dog bed, but it was bigger than mine, so I took it over and sometimes let him share it - because he's such a baby, and I'm a good mommy.
Ashley & Copper

Whew, I didn't know writing was so tiring…I'm off to take a nap now. More later.


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