Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Sweet Farewell to Our Fellow Blogger, Samson

A note from his Mom: We are sorry to report that shortly after writing this, Samson crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Samson was a joy to share our lives with. We wish it could have been for longer. His tenacity and spirit taught us so much about living life to the fullest.  

We imagine him now out on a grassy field soaking in the sun, smelling the breeze and barking at kids playing - all of which were things he loved to do. We'll never know another dog like him. He really was a very special boy. We will miss him always.

Our hearts go out to you, Lindsey and Eric, and to Bungie and Kaylee. We will keep you all in our thoughts. We will miss you too, Samson.  RIP our friend!

How to Train Your Humans 7 – Getting Old is No Fun 

Sometimes getting old is no fun. I can handle the daily pills – in fact, as long as they are wrapped in turkey and smeared with peanut butter – I love them. But I object to the increasing muscle weakness, arthritis, and 3AM trips to the potty. And to be perfectly frank, sometimes I get a little confused about where I am and what I was going to do. It’s hard for Lindsey and Eric to watch me get older, but hey – it’s no picnic for me some days either. I mean – it’s my hips that ache. Hrumpf. Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but bark in frustration. It occurs to me that I may have earned my nickname as “Grumpy Old Man”.

At least Lindsey and Eric have been fairly trainable in terms of what I need these days. One of them generally walks behind me on the stairs in case I start to slip backwards. They offer to carry me up, but I bark or snap at them. I have my pride afterall! It may just take me a little longer – geesh.

Being old has its perks though. I’m the only pup in the house that gets to help with the dishes. When Lindsey and Eric are done with dinner, they put their plate on the floor for me to clean off. It’s all going to the dishwasher anyways! Plus, I deserve a special treat and its fun to watch Kaylee stare at me with envy. Hey – she can still jump up on the couch to snuggle, so she doesn’t have anything to complain about. At least Lindsey and Eric have put dog beds around the floor by the couch that I can hang out on when we watch TV or a movie. Plus, I’m at the perfect height to get my ears scratched then. Ahh!! Delightful.

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