Monday, April 15, 2013

A Note from Bandit, 2006 OBG Alum

Bandit (OBG 2006) & Baxter (OBG 2013)
Hi! My name is Bandit and my family adopted me in June 2006 when they saw me with a tennis ball in my mouth.  I LOVE to " play ball".  Recently while playing ball I suffered a sports injury and broke a bone in my front left knee.  Ouch! 

My humans took me to the vet and he said it was an unusual break and that I had to go to a veterinary surgery center where a special vet repaired my knee. The surgeon placed 3 screws, 1 washer, a pin and a wire in my knee to fix it.  

I have to stay quiet for 8 weeks for it to heal correctly. It is RUFF when you are a active ball player. My humans had to hide my toys to make sure I stay still. They have to carry me outside and I am not allowed to jump, climb stairs or run for 8 weeks.

Now I want to introduce you to my best friend Baxter! My humans adopted him this January after seeing him online via OBG. Baxter and I hit it off instantly the minute we met. He likes to carry a ball around and he sleeps with his ball too.

Mom and Dad call us the twins. Since my surgery Baxter has been sticking close to me make sure I am okay. Mom and Dad let me lay on the couch but are always with me and of course Baxter is with me most of the time.

(Hi Bandit - we hope your knee heals fast and that can get back to playing ball again soon. Say hi to Baxter for us.  We are so glad you are best friends!  Your friends at OBG!)

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