Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shamrock Six at 1: Rory's Happy Tail

Rory at One Month Old
Our next Happy Tail is from Murphy, formerly Rory!

Hi my name is Murphy. I started life as Rory, one of the Shamrock Six. I am so happy in my forever home. My parents spoil me rotten, not that I needed any help. I was known as being the mischievous one in my litter. I have so much fun in my forever home. 

Rory Going to His New Home
I have two feline sisters that I try to herd daily. Some days they are up for the challenge, but mostly it is just fun for me. Mom and Dad did bring me a foster brother and sister but lucky for them they also found their forever home. Mom and Dad are looking for a forever brother or sister for me as we speak. I hope they find one soon. Nothing against my parents, they spend so much time playing with me and showering me with hugs and kisses, but the just can't keep up. 

At Obedience School Graduation
I have my very own fenced in backyard where Dad plays Frisbee with me two or three times a day. On some days I just like to run in circles and zig zags as fast as I can. There was some talk about me trying out for an NFL team, but alas I was too fast for the other players, plus my agent was asking for too many dog treats. My parents enrolled me in obedience school. It was lot's of fun. I was voted the smartest, not sure what that means but I think it is a good thing. 

Night time is my favorite time. I get to sleep on the bed with my Mom and Dad. They know this is sometimes not recommended but I am sure glad they ignore that rule. I cuddle so close to my mommy and take up half the bed. It's been a bed of roses so far. LOL! 

I have so many toys and bones I play with. I try to share with my feline sisters but I swear they have no idea what a bone is for. I am told this Thursday is my birthday. Not sure what that is but I understand some new toys will be finding their way into my collection. 

Thank you to OBG and all the people that donate time and money. I am sooooooo glad you rescued my birth mommy. My new mom and dad tell me all the time they just could not imagine life without me. Happy birthday to all my brothers and sisters! Maybe we can all get together soon. 

Lots of wags and kisses, 
Murphy Johnson

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