Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shamrock Six at 1: Keenan's Happy Tail

Our next happy tail is from Ferguson, aka Ferg, formerly Keenan!

Hello from Boston, home of Harvard University, Fenway Park, Tom Brady, and me, T. Ferguson Kevin Garnett Bohnet-Simons. (I know. It seems premature to add Brady to that list of New England icons before he gets his fourth Super Bowl Ring, but it's my birthday and I'm feeling generous.) I live up here with my people, Carrie and Herbie. We live in a neighborhood called the South End; it's an awesome place because it has a big dog park where I hang out with all my friends AND a bakery that is just for dogs. True fact.

At seven months old
Babysitting Cousin Vivian
Things that I like: Snuggling; sticks (finding, carrying and chewing on); long walks; tennis balls; peanut butter; sleeping on the top of the couch when I think no one is watching; making a mockery of the claim that certain toys are “indestructible”; launching myself into piles of snow; fetch; welcoming Carrie and Herbie home from work with a Full Body Ferg Freak Out; whatever is on that counter up there; fetch; water fountains; Parks and Recreation; chewing on my dog bed; tummy rubs; little kids/human puppies, standing on the end table and howling like a maniac; my new baby cousin Vivian; fetch. 

Things that I don't like: Grooming of any sort, including, but not limited to, brushing, baths, and "sanitary trims"; when I can't find a place to hide my bone or special treat; sleeping in after 5am; when the dogs on the TV won’t play with me, even after I bark really loudly at them; when fetch is over.

Things I am indifferent to: My rain coat; the 2013 Red Sox pitching rotation.

I hope all my brothers and sisters are doing well and my mom Maisie too. 
A nap at last

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