Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shamrock Six at 1: Ferguson and Mom, Maisie

Our last happy tail is from Ferguson (now Gus) and beautiful Mom, Maisie!  Happy Birthday, Gus!

Gus at 6 weeks
Leila, Maisie, Mady & Gus
Maisie and Gus are living the sweet life! They have fit right into the family and our hearts. Mady and Leila have been enjoying every moment. Gus has a lot of border collie in him and is very active. A good game of fetch never gets boring to him, and he will fetch just about anything. He is also quite smart and the girls have delighted in teaching him all sorts of tricks. He and his momma also enjoy wrestling everyday. Maisie is much smaller than he is now but can still put him in his place. He is a sweet and respectful boy though so I think he takes it easy on her. 

Uncle Jake, Gus & Maisie
Lately, we have been staying at the grandparents because we are moving to a new home. Yes, one with a bigger yard! This has been a real treat for them because they are spending time with Uncle Jake, their grandparent's springer spaniel, and they get lots of spoiling in the form of treats. 

Maisie sunning herself!
Maisie is a momma's girl mostly and stays by my side (when she's not wrestling Gus). She has A LOT of personality and keeps us all laughing with her antics. She has a charming way about her that allows her to get away with certain privileges-- we have decided, could she talk, she would have the accent of a southern belle. She looks great, nice and filled out after her puppies. The girls enjoy grooming her and adding bows to hair-- Maisie seems to walk with a little more sass when she looks pretty ;). 

So, all is well on our home front. There is a little more hair than there used to be (think tumbleweeds), but much more love and laughter too. We are enjoying each other very much. OBG mission accomplished!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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