Monday, March 18, 2013

OBG Fun at Barrel Oak Winery

The Barrel Oak Winery Adoption show and fundraising event was a wonderful success for OBG! The Barrel Oak folks were very welcoming and hospitable and donated $5.00 for any wine taster who presented an OBG flyer. This is a gorgeous venue that attracted four to five hundred folks despite the iffy weather.

Miss Bocelli
Edison meeting a new friend
The OBG family came out in force, including many wigglebutt alumni. Headliners for the OBG event were Be Mine Nine pups Miss Bocelli (aka Celli) and Patton, who made their debut at this show; and handsome Edison, whose picture graced our banners, lawn signs, and literature. Edison must have had a pre-show chat with Celli and Patton, because they strutted their stuff like pros! All three were wonderful with the large crowd, garnering lots of oohs and aahs.

OBG bakers went above and beyond with a delicious variety of sweet delights, including the famous cocker cookies, and collected lots of donations for OBG.

This was also the debut of the Sponsor-a-Pup fundraiser, for which we displayed pictures of all available OBG pups. For a donation, people could sponsor a dog of their choosing for the day and receive a picture of the pup and a certificate. We also had a little birthday celebration for one of our Board members, rounding out a fun and rewarding afternoon.

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