Thursday, March 28, 2013

OBG Alum Titania's First CPE Agility Trial

Titania was adopted in 2011 and has come such a long way.  She was very fearful and nervous.  Titania and her Mom have been attending training through Your Dog's Friend (and are featured in their blog).  The agility training has greatly helped her build confidence.  She went to her first agility trial last week and she did great -- she earned a qualifying score in the Colors run course -- WAY TO GO, Titania!!!  Her Mom is so proud and shared her feelings below.

Don't miss the video -- it is so exciting to see Titania run the course.  Maybe your cocker would like agility training?  Our friends at Your Dog's Friend have classes.

I am so proud of my baby girl. Those of you who have known Titania from the beginning when she hid behind my legs and was terrified of her own shadow will understand how huge a deal it was for her to attend an agility trial, complete with dozens of people, dogs, loud noises, buzzers, whistles, and general mayhem. ;-)

We went into this trial as an experiment. If she was really nervous and unhappy, we were going to go home and try again another time. So I was ready for the worst but hopeful for the best. Luckily, her love of other dogs won out over her fear of strange people. She was so excited and wiggling and wanting to meet up with all the other pups. And since all the other people had treats (and some were willing to share) she actually made a few people friends, too!

We lucked out that this venue had a small back room that was the overflow room for crates. So we had a corner spot out of view of the majority of the people and movement, but still had a view of the back half of the course. By midday on Saturday, she was comfortable enough to nap in the crate or just chill in there with her bully stick. She did, however, cry like a banshee when I had to leave her to go to a judge's briefing and walk the course. 

Congrats to you, Titania's Mom, for all the great work you have done together!

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