Monday, March 4, 2013

OBG Alum Griffin Loves His New Interactive Dog Toy

OBG Alum Griffin (formerly Deacon) is doing great! His Mom wrote in to tell us he has grown to a healthy 26.2 pounds! He finished his basic obedience class with flying colors and he will be going into advanced classes in May.  Mom reports Griffin is a happy dog who loves everyone and LOVES to play. "We just love him....he is at my side all the time."

This is Griffin playing with one of his new educational toys. His Mom says it is a huge hit!

Did you know that mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise for a dog? It tires the dog out in a totally different way than running after a ball does. Have you ever come home from work totally exhausted, but all you did all day was sit at your desk and use your brain? Or, have you been wiped out from studying really hard for a chemistry exam? Dogs can experience the same kind of sensation.

Doing obedience work with a dog is just one way to provide mental stimulation. Interactive dog toys are another. The toy Griffin is playing with is Nina Ottosson's Dog Brick. Dogs use their nose or paws to move the plastic pieces, revealing a small treat. Not only is this good mental stimulation for a dog, but it helps promote bonding between dog and owner because they are doing something fun together.

Check out this website - - they have a great supply of interactive dog toys. We will feature more of them in the coming weeks.  Our thanks to OBG volunteer, Jen K, for providing these helpful explanations and tips!

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