Friday, March 1, 2013

Hannah's Happy Tail

We received this wonderful letter from Hannah's Mom.

I adopted Hannah -- formerly Lola -- in March 2012. She had the most wonderful foster mommy who took special care of her and gave her the first loving home she had ever known. I was reading the Washington Post on my i-Pad one Sunday morning and came across your organization. Having grown up with cocker spaniels throughout my childhood and having one of my own for eight years, I was very intrigued. As soon as I came across then-Lola's photo I knew she was mine. I was drawn to her immediately and felt an instant connection even though I had never met her and even though I knew nothing about her past other than the brief bio posted on-line. The first time I held Hannah, several days after seeing her picture, and nuzzled my nose with hers I was completely and totally in love.

Abby & Hannah
Hannah adores her new home and her cocker spaniel sibling, Abby. She loves to be right beside me at all times, preferably in my lap. When we get into bed at night she wants to snuggle in my arms for a few minutes and she purrs like a cat when we cuddle together. Car rides and trips are a new favorite past time as are soft, squeaky toys. She always surrounds herself with lots of toys! We began an 8-week obedience training course several weeks after adoption. This helped me understand some of Hannah's fears about new people and strange dogs while simultaneously teaching Hannah new commands and other skills like leash manners and more friendly ways to socialize. 

When I first adopted Hannah everything new scared her. With a lot of love, consistent training, and most especially slowly, but surely, realizing that she is always safe and secure with me, Hannah has really blossomed. Although she is never going to like loud noises (especially motorcycles, cars, and trains) and she remains quite skeptical of children, her social skills have improved immensely. We can now entertain guests at home. In true cocker form, Hannah learned quickly from her cocker sister Abby that if guests come over they're probably going to eat, and if they eat, she's likely to partake in the festivities. And Miss Hannah LOVES treats so she now eagerly awaits when new and old friends come over. Needless to say, Thanksgiving was the culinary highlight of 2012 for Hannah. Hannah and Abby also have a fantastic pet sitter that comes and walks them during the day and they both really love her, too. 

I am so grateful and blessed to have Miss Hannah in my life. I love her more and more each day and it has been such a joy to watch her develop more self-confidence with each new day. Thank you for the great work you do!

Stephanie, Abby, and Hannah

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