Friday, March 8, 2013

Guest Blogger - Be Mine 9's Ziggy Marley

Hi everyone,

It's me, Ziggy Marley with another update from the Be Mine 9. Today I'm going to write about eyeballs! (They are the only balls I have left these days.) [Foster sister note: Thank goodness. I was tired of you humping me!]

Today I went to the eye doctor. Foster mom had to go to work, so Marilyn picked me up and we drove to Animal Eye Care where I worked my wigglebutt charm on Dr. McInnis. They both agreed that I have an A+ personality and am just the nicest and handsomest boy ever. The doc said that I am a perfect candidate for surgery to remove my cataract and once it's done, I should be able to see through that eye again! That would be super duper!

My surgery is scheduled for the 18th and I'm excited but a bit nervous. So I thought I'd ask my friends Pinot and Buffy how their eye doctor appointments went. Everyone was really worried about Buffy because she was in the worst shape of all of the Be Mine 9 when we came to OBG. Buffy's eyes were too hurt for the doctors to be able to restore her vision, so they're giving her shots that will make her eyes stop feeling pain. Your prayers and well-wishes have worked, because she says she is feeling good enough to hold her head high.

Pinot had surgery to remove cataracts from both of his eyes. He has warned me about the Cone of Shame and how annoying it is to wear it when all you want to do is scratch your face A LITTLE. The first night after surgery was not fun, he said. His face felt puffy and a little hurty and he couldn't sleep a wink. But as the puffiness went down, he said he could see more and more. And it hurt less and less, especially with the eye drops. He doesn't like getting the eye drops, he says, but once they're in, they make his eyes feel much better. He's even landed a foster home - go, go, Pinot!

That's it for now. Stay tuned for my next blog post, when I'll hopefully be seeing the computer screen with TWO eyes instead of one!

- Ziggy

P.S. The picture is of me sneaking a peek at my (very super hot) foster sister doing agility at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville. Foster mom says I'll get to go to Foster Dog Alliance school there next week. I hope that means I get to eat lots of chicken treats!

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  1. That's so cute. He looks like a great dog.