Monday, March 25, 2013

Be Mine Update: Ziggy and his Pals

Does this cone make me sound
Hi everyone! It's me, Ziggy!  I talked to my fellow Be Mine 9'ers and wanted to let you know how we are all doing!

Last Monday, I went to the eye doctor. I apparently fell asleep on the table because when I woke up, my cataract was all gone! The Cone of Shame really isn't too bad. It's fun to follow foster Mom around the house and bump her legs with it. Nighttime is not fun, though. Sleeping with the cone on is not easy but the doctor says I can't have it off until my eye is healed up.

Most exciting is the news that I have two dates in the next week with potential adopters. Who knew I'd have my choice of awesome forever homes?

Here is some news on my buddies:
Ainsley chilling out

Ainsley: "Hi Ziggy - it's me, Ainsley! It's great to hear from you! I'm doing pretty good in my foster home -- I've got this housebreaking thing licked. I'm still a bit skittish around new sounds or people, but if I snuggle next to my foster Mom, that makes me feel safe. There are two other cockers here and two cats, but we mostly ignore each other. I'd rather be by myself or with foster Mom. She pets me all the time and I just love it. She also takes me outside for walks and I love them.. unless there's a scary noise. Good thing foster Mom is here to protect me. I love her."

Buffy: "My doctor says I have no complications after my eye treatments. It's nice to be able to move my head without the aching in my eyes. I'm even walking around at Crosspointe, sniffing my way to the nearest lap where I can snuggle. I'm praying for a nice forever foster home like Emma has... do you know where I could find one?"

Patton: "So good to hear from you Ziggy! We haven't seen each other since Crosspointe and I miss you. Living in a house is so new and strange, but I've found the best place. On foster mom's pillow. It is so soft and it smells like her so I like it a lot. When she comes to bed she tries to move me but I play dead and hope I can keep the pillow all to myself. That's when she calls me a "little stinker." But then we snuggle up and sleep all night. I totally found this handsome dog yesterday. He lives in a shiny glass that hangs on the wall. We give each other kisses all the time. I don't know why foster mom thinks this is so funny..."

Pinot catching a snooze
Pinot: "Hi Ziggs. I'm chilling in a foster home with two other dogs and a cat. Snuggling with my foster siblings on the couch is pretty much my favorite thing. (Foster dad keeps coming by with that black box with the flashing light, though. Can't he see we're SLEEPING?) In other news, cats smell weird. I keep trying to smell the cat, but it keeps walking away from me. So rude. I don't chase him, though. My eyes feel a lot better and I'm getting used to my eye drops. I'm glad your surgery went well, dude. Seeing is great, isn't it?"

Miss Bocelli: "I wish I could have said 'I'm a girl!' when OBG picked me up, then I wouldn't have this weird name. But I'm growing into it, I guess. My foster family calls me Celli, which I like. I'm making up for lost time with all the toys I can fit in my mouth. Have you figured out toys yet?"

Dylan: "I went to something called a weekend foster and had a blast.  I must have impressed them because I hear I may a regular foster home to go to and then I have to get ready to meet some potential adopters. A distinguished gentleman such as myself deserves only the best forever home."

Kasey: "I am living the good life, Ziggy! My foster family has taught me how special and loved I am. That is the best feeling ever. I had no idea that humans loved dogs as much as they love me. I really love my foster brother Boomer. Sometimes when we play, I forget everything that scares me and I just have FUN. My favorite napping spot is on top of the couch, behind my foster mom. Sometimes I slip and my butt lands on her head. Oops."

Emma:  I am very sad.  I heard that our little sister, Emma, went to the rainbow bridge last Friday.  I knew she wasn't feeling well and she put on a brave face for so long.  I am glad you don't hurt anymore, Emma.  I miss you! 

That's all for now, folks! Be sure to email our foster families if you're interested in going on a date with any of us. If we do say so ourselves, we're great pups.


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