Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be Mine Update: Patton, Pinot, & Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley loving life in his foster home.  He loves to roll around on the bed!  His foster Mom took this video and we had to share it.  It will make you giggle!

Patton went to his foster home last weekend and immediately fit right in.  According to his foster Mom, he has a loving temperament and is also a smuggler who can't seem to get close enough to his humans.  He will also use other dogs as a pillow when a lap is not available! He loves running around the backyard with his foster siblings but not if it's raining. :-)  And he is housebroken!  

Patton made his debut at the OBG fundraiser at Barrel Oak Winery yesterday and did great!  Stay tuned for more info in a follow up posting later today or tomorrow.

Pinot had his cataract surgery and did great! He didn't like the cone of shame (who does?) but tolerated it pretty well! According to his foster Mom, he is the sweetest dog ever!! She also told us he acts as if he has always been a pampered pooch and is quick to make himself comfortable on the couch, preferably next to his favorite people. He loves nothing more than snuggling as close as possible. Like his buddy, Patton, he will snuggle up to his buddies and use them as a pillow if his humans are no available. He gets along well with all his foster siblings!

The first few days of eye drops were a little difficult but now he takes them like a champ and holds his head up high! Now that he can see, he clearly loves lift. He's almost puppy-like in his enthusiasm. He loves exploring in the back yard and smiles all the time!

This past week, Pinot had his first formal grooming and did very well. His fur is so beautiful.  Such a rich chocolate! 

And as you can see below he loves to snuggle up close to his furry friends!  So precious!

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