Monday, February 11, 2013

Update: Be Mine Nine

Emma on Feb. 9th
As we enter Valentine’s Day week, the recovery process for our “Be Mine” Nine starts in earnest. Four of these precious pups will soon be seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist for further evaluation of their eye problems. In addition, Dylan is having surgery today to address a number of skin issues. But today we focus on sweet little Emma, who in this updated picture is so skinny and pitiful, her bones showing. She is struggling with anemia and three kinds of worms, as well as eye issues. The vet staff and all of us at OBG continue to marvel at her strong resolve and her starvation for affection. Although she is likely blind, in true cocker spirit she scrounges for any morsel of food that might be on the floor. Now, whose cocker doesn’t do that??

Poor Emma is skin and bones

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