Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update: Be Mine Nine

Since their rescue eight days ago, these precious pups seem to understand that everyone is trying to help them.  They are so thankful to be relieved of all those pounds of fur and mats.  Despite being neglected for years, they have all responded to the gentle touch of a hand and the warm embrace of loving care givers.  Each and every one of them loves to be loved!  They face daily challenges that most of our pups never have to endure, but they have begun their long road to recovery.  When we read their story, we can’t help but look at our own precious fur-children, warm and safe, and wish the same for these sweet dogs.  There could be no better name for them than the Be Mine Nine this Valentine’s Day week.  We are so thankful for all your prayers, good thoughts, donations, and support!

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