Friday, February 8, 2013

Update: Be Mine Nine

We have two updates here and there is a separate "Be Mine" Nine blog page (see tab at the top of the blog) so you can read the whole story in one place (with updates).  Don't want you to miss any news! 

The photo album was updated last night with photos taken of the pups on Wednesday afternoon.  We thank everyone for their well wishes, donations and offers to go visit the 9.  They are still undergoing evaluation and treatments so they are not ready for visitors.  We will keep you posted.

Here is an update from Wednesday, February 6th about their medical status:
The initial vet reports have revealed just how neglected these poor pups have been. Sadly, several are blind, two may need their eyes removed, some have glaucoma, at least four have double cataracts, and a number of them have multiple cherry eyes. Two of our girls have multiple mammary tumors, and we're still waiting to hear more about our third female. In addition, of the five evaluated so far, two, possibly three, will need double ear ablations. We knew the medical bills for these pups would be high, but the more we learn, the more it appears that our estimate of $20,000 to provide them with appropriate care is far too low. These precious cockers have indeed suffered, and they need our support now!

Today's Update:  Bocelli is a GIRL!!
Bocelli is indeed a famous tenor but it turns out our famous Bocelli is a soprano. Yes, Bocelli is a GIRL. With all the unkept hair, it seems one of her mats was mistaken for errrr, something else (hah!) on the initial entry. We have had many ups and downs this week, but we did get some good news. It appears that Bocelli “may” be able to see from one of her eyes. So many of you have donated and we truly appreciate your generosity!  Sadly, the medical bills are mounting. Please help with a donation to the Be Mine Nine! 

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