Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Moxie's (formerly Maggie) Happy Tail

Moxie's Mom sent in this great New Year's note!

Happy New Year! I've been meaning to write you but the holidays caught up with me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my little Moxie (also called "Moxie Mae," "Ms. Moxie"). She was formerly Maggie and was fostered by wonderful people in MD. So wonderful, that we're trying to plan a play date for our dogs. 

I've always loved the word "moxie" and thought it would be a cute name for a dog. When I double checked the meaning - "great spirit and courage in the face of adversity" - I thought that was perfect!

Moxie has adapted really well, and we bonded very quickly. She is very sweet, and such a happy little lady. She loves chasing the rabbits in my yard. We do a lot of fun things together like go on walks, go on trips, go to the dog park. Amazing how you really do meet the dog that matches your temperament! She has especially bonded with her cousins, one of which is an OBG alum (Dolce). I'm attaching a picture of him kissing her (he is the taller one). They love to run, jump logs, and sleep close to each other, since they stay at my house a lot.

I'm also attaching a couple of pictures from Christmas. She was much spoiled by family and friends :) She is a happy lady and I'm so lucky to have her!

You have a great organization - everyone I interacted with was wonderful.

Thanks again for all you do
Rachel and Moxie

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  1. Moxie deserves happiness with a wonderful mother such as you.

    From the St Louis Clan