Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Izzy's Happy Tail

Dear Oldies But Goodies,

It is Izzy's 3rd Birthday and we want to update you about her.

First, we want to express our deep appreciation for all the love and care given to Izzy prior to our adoption of her in June 2010. Izzy continues to be a pure joy and blessing in all phases of our lives.

She is such a happy girl and radiates that to people she meets. We continually have people stop and comment on what a happy dog she is. She loves to play with us, with children, and with other dogs. She is now 55 pounds of beautiful dog. She loves to travel with us where ever we go, but when she has to stay home alone, she is perfectly behaved. She has spent the month of January with us at a beach in Florida. She loves the beach environment. But, she loves any place she is.

Thanks again for rescuing her and allowing us to adopt her.

In appreciation,
Bruce and Phyllis

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