Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bungie - How to Train Your Humans

How to Train Your Humans  – We work hard for the money

I have a very special job at our house. I am Lindsey’s official office mate! I love working! Every morning I wake up at 6AM promptly and get Eric to roll out of bed and start the coffee. After breakfast and a nice walk around the neighborhood, I urge Lindsey upstairs at 9AM to get started on our work. We like to sing as we head upstairs. Ok, she sings and I bop my head along. Then Lindsey logs on to her computer and I settle down for a well-deserved morning nap in my official office bed beneath her desk. ZZZZ.

Bungie hard at work
I’m an excellent office mate. I am very quiet (with the exception of the occasional snore) and I pick up after Lindsey when she eats lunch at her desk. I’m also always available for a nice pet when she needs to de-stress. Plus, when Lindsey needs a break in the afternoon, I remind her by waking up and demanding to go outside. Everyone needs a little vitamin D! Then it’s back upstairs to the office for my afternoon snooze. Sometimes Samson joins us and naps in the second office bed. And foster sibs can frequently be found relaxing on the 3rd office bed or on the floor. At 5PM sharp, I wake up and let Lindsey know that we’ve worked enough for the day. Now it’s time for dinner! As Samson has mentioned, sometimes this takes coaxing. Lindsey frequently says: “Just one more email, Bungie.” But I’ve heard that before, so I by 5:30 I insist that she come downstairs. It’s dinner time! She can go back to work afterwards if she has to.
Samson: "Hey, could you keep it down?
I'm trying to nap here!"

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