Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Be Mine Update: Kasey in His Foster Home

We received a wonderful update from Kasey on his life in a foster home!

I am doing my best to be a brave dog now that I'm living in a house. It only took me 3 days to learn to go up and down the stairs by myself. Stairs were a new thing to me and I didn't know how to navigate them at first. I sleep all night on a dog bed on the floor of the bedroom. I have only had 2 accidents since being here, which my foster family thinks is fantastic. Leashes confuse me a bit -- what are they for? -- but foster mom assures me that they're for awesome things called walks. I'm sure I'll get more confident with practice. My foster mom needs carry me to the car and put me inside it, but the rides are actually okay!

My true colors are slowly coming out, and I'm really liking living with a family who adores me. I love to snuggle up with people on the couch. I live with another dog and we get along great! We are learning how to play together and we love to be petted and scratched together.  Right now I don't understand what toys are for, but maybe I'll figure out why other dogs are so into them...

Thanks for everything you have done for me, OBG! I can't wait to find my forever home. 

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  1. Kasey! Kasey! It's me, your friend Ziggy Marley. I got a foster home, too. You're beating me on the potty accidents, tho. This morning I peed on the water fountain. It smelled like animals, so I thought... well... I guess I thought wrong.

    But wow, are houses comfy! I got to snuggle on a couch, roll around on a carpet, and even sniff a cat! Also, my foster sister is kinda hot.