Thursday, February 21, 2013

Be Mine Update: Emma

Emma sent along kisses and wags when her buddies Kasey, Ainsley and Miss Bocelli went to foster homes this past weekend. She is still waiting for her day to come, but she has a ways to go. Emma continues to receive treatment for anemia and three kinds of worms, which reduced her to the thin pooch we see in the picture. This little cutie is working on gaining 4 or 5 pounds – it helps that she is a true cocker chow hound!! In addition, due to the severe neglect she endured, her toenails grew into her pads. Ouch!!! There are also her mammary tumors to be addressed, once she is stronger. But despite these problems, as well as being blind and deaf, it is clear from the sweet little smile on her face that Emma is having a good time socializing, wandering in the vets’ yard, and rolling in the grass. She loves being petted and doted on! While Emma soldiers on, her vet bills are mounting. We would be most grateful for donations in support of Emma and her buddies still under veterinary care. Please visit the Be Mine Nine’s Chip-In!

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