Monday, February 18, 2013

Be Mine Update; Bocelli

Amazing!!! Can you believe this is the same Bocelli from two weeks ago? This shows what two weeks of medical attention, love, care and donations can do. This past week at the Vet’s play area, Miss Bocelli discovered toys -- Yahoo!!! And now she won’t let them go. We’re not sure which is her favorite -- the pink monkey or the cow! Although her ears are still in pretty bad shape, she seemed to respond when called, and came running!! Once her skins clears up from really bad hot spots, she not only will be competing for Miss Cocker USA but will be the number one pick for Miss Congeniality. Still working on her pearly whites, which have dental issues, but that doesn’t seem to dampen her sweet personality. She clearly loves snuggling, passing out kisses and is a fun loving little girl. This is what YOUR donations are doing to bring out the best in each of these Be Mine Nine. Please take a minute to go to the chip in page, donate, and send a message.

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