Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be Mine Nine Updates: Ainsley and Dylan

Ainsley can show us her pretty face now that she has gotten some additional grooming! What a cutie!

She got spayed today and did great!  Looks like she will be the first of the Be Mine Nine to go to a foster home this week! Go Ainsley! We will keep you posted.

Our sweet boy, Dylan, is finally all cleaned up. So beautiful! We believe he is substantially blind and deaf and as you can see has a large growth on his left leg/hip area.

Yesterday he was neutered and had a growth removed (not sure if it was the large one seen in this photo). Unfortunately his body temperature dropped during the surgery so they stopped and brought him out of the anesthesia. He is doing ok but will have to undergo another surgery to have his dental done. Keep him in your thoughts. So much to go through in just over a week's time, but he is a trooper!

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