Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Special Memorial for OBG Alum, Cody Ray

Cody Ray was a sweet country boy who was bounced from shelter to shelter until OBG took him in in April 2012.  Fortunately, Cody Ray seemed to take all the changes in stride and maintained a  glowing personality.  He was a sweet tempered love bug and at 8-years-old, he just wanted stability, love, and a family that would commit to him for the rest of his long life.

Cody Ray found such a family in August 2012.  His foster Mom, Teresa, was thrilled for Cody Ray and his new family.  He joined a big sister who just adored him (as you can see in the below pictures).  Cody Ray was her friend and companion.  His Dad spoiled him.

Cody Ray and His Big Sister

We were so shocked and sad to learn that Cody Ray passed away in January from cancer.  When his foster mom contacted the family to give her condolences, Cody's big sister decided to send the above funny pictures to help cheer her up.  She described the pictures as New Years hat day, Men In Black, Chilling, Hot Dog Cody, and my favorite Duck Face!!!!  They cheered us all up!

You will be missed.  Rest in peace, Cody Ray! 

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