Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on Beau (formerly Sheen)

Here is a great update on Beau (formerly Sheen). We last talked to him in October (remember those adorable Halloween pictures of him and his new fur siblings!).

Beau's Mom tells us, "He LOVES pillows and he loves to nap with me. He creates his own 'pillow forts' and when he naps, he crawls UNDER the covers. (I mean REALLY under. All you see is a lump in the covers. He also loves to sleep with the other dogs. Can you spot him in 'the James Gang pile'?" (below)

Beau has the typical Cocker 'happiness gene' even though he's a mix. He jumps straight up in the air every time he's happy about something. And being a Cocker, he's happy about everything. Walks, naps, food, scratches, toys, returning home, and on and on. He's such a joy! He's still a little scared of the girls, who are older. When they decide to play with him, he sometimes drops the toys and runs away because he's not sure what 'his rights' are.

Many thanks for the great work y'all do. I recommend OBG to anyone who is looking for a dog.

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