Monday, January 7, 2013

Titania's Happy Tail

Driving Miss T!
We adopted Titania (formerly Tonya) in October 2011 and have been in love ever since. It's really crazy that someone abandoned such an amazing dog, but we feel lucky to have her in our life. Titania is sweet, loving, and oh-so-smart. Her only "flaw" is her fear of strangers, but she's made great strides in the last year thanks to training (of both her and the humans in her life!) and patience.

On weekdays, Titania comes to work with me at ThinkGeek. She loves playing with the other office dogs, going for walks to the deli (and subsequently begging for my sandwich), and modelling for product photos. On Wednesday nights, we go to Agility class, which is the highlight of her week. Her classes at Your Dog's Friend in Rockville have been an integral part in building her confidence. On the Agility course, you'd never know she had any fear issues! We're hoping to learn enough in Agility classes that we'll be able to compete one day.

Here's a video of us in Agility class:

Titania loves squeaky toys, bully sticks, playing chase with other dogs, and the phrase "Wanna go outside?" We love her kisses, her sweet disposition, and how her happiness starts with a twitch of her little nub tail and ends with the full body wiggles. Thank you, OBG (Jen King & Toya Koch especially), for bringing this beautiful girl into our life.

E. Foley & Dave Chalker
Silver Spring, MD
Titania at the OBG COSI with Cockers Event in May

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  1. I couldn't ask for a better grand-dog...