Monday, January 28, 2013

Special Guest Blogger: Sawyer

Hi All! First of all, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported my CHIP-IN! I’m a week out of surgery and my foster parents can’t believe how much I’ve improved.

When I first arrived at my foster home last week, my walk reminded them of Golim. My knees were bent out like a frog and my tail nub was practically on the ground. It must have been very painful, but I ran around the house anyways whenever I got the chance. Tuesday morning I arrived for surgery. No food or water for 12 hours prior. Boo to that! But the doctors and vet techs were so nice to me. I won them over right away with my stunning personality. You’ve never met a cuter, sweeter boy. Two days later, my foster mom came to pick me up! The vet techs all came to say good-bye and wish me luck.That’s how loved I was!

The dreaded Cone of Shame!

Now that I’m at my foster home again, things are really improving. I did a naughty thing the first night and took advantage of my soft e-collar to lick at one leg. I managed to pull 7 staples out of my leg before my foster mom realized what I’d done! No harm done luckily, but now it means I have to wear a bigger, firmer Cone of Shame! That part hasn’t been too fun. I don’t like staying in my crate all day either. I want to run and play!! My short walks outside to potty every day have been getting better and better. My foster parents can’t believe how much better my legs look. My feet even point forwards now!! It’s pretty amazing.

Ah, cuddling on the couch!
The best part of the day is when my foster parents get home from work and it’s time to relax. Then I get to come out of my crate and cuddle with them on the couch. They even let me take me e-collar off. No running or jumping or even much walking yet, but I’m hoping to be up and about really soon! I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Thank you to everyone for all of your support!

Wags & Kisses,

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