Friday, January 11, 2013

Look Who's Been Adopted in 2013!

We are starting a Class of 2013 photo album to celebrate all our pups who find their forever homes in 2013.  We are pleased to report that Brandii is the first to be adopted (officially) in 2013.  This 3 year old buff beauty came to OBG in August 2012 when her family lost their home due to the economy.   She had a cherry eye and cataract and had trouble seeing out of her right eye.  Under OBG's care, she had surgery and now can see out of that eye!

Brandii met many potential adopters in her time in OBG but it turns out she was home all along! Her foster parents, Amy and John, made it official.  Congratulations to you all!

Poe, Lulu, Pebbles, Arbuckle, and Milo also all went to their forever homes this past week!  
Happy Tails to all! 

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