Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guest Blogger, Kaylee: How to Train Humans


Kaylee here. Have I mentioned that boys are weird? We have a new foster brother! Eric brought Brodie home Monday night and ever since then, it’s been poop-apalooza at the house. Monday night, Eric stepped in poop at 2:30AM when he went to let Sammy out back. Boy did he use some naughty words! And then when Lindsey woke up in the morning, all 3 boys had left her presents in the dining room. But she didn’t seem too happy about them. It’s a good thing we have a portable steam cleaner!

I don’t know why Lindsey and Eric put up with the boys. I certainly never leave yucky presents lying around for them. That’s why I’m the Princess, I guess. Lindsey and Eric say we have to be patient though. They reminded me that all fosters have accidents the first day. They said I even pooped in the house the first time I came home! How rude – I don’t believe it! Samson and Bungie must have felt like they needed to stake their claim to the house since Brodie did. And ok, I guess if I’d been in a kennel for a month I may have forgotten some house manners too. But sheesh! At least there haven’t been any unpleasant surprises today. I prefer to preside over a clean kingdom from my lofty couch perch!

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