Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guest Blogger, Bungie: How to Train Humans

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Bungie here. I like to think that when OBG was founded, it was to save dogs like me. I had a loving owner who passed away when I was 12. That could have been the end of my story, but OBG swooped in to rescue me. Some people are hesitant to adopt an older guy like me. We tend to have more health issues, may need to go potty more often, and don’t have the expected lifespan of a puppy anymore. But my Lindsey and Eric tell me that I am proof that love doesn’t have age limits and older pups know how to pack all of the joy they can into the time they have. It just means we have to train our humans faster.

It just so happens that over the course of time I’ve lost my hearing and my eyesight. But that doesn’t get me down. My family and I have worked out a system. First of all, blind dogs are really good at mapping out our homes. I know where everything is supposed to be. Eric says that it motivates my humans to keep everything picked up nicely so I don’t trip. When we go on walks around the neighborhood I wear a harness. When we come to a curb, I’ve trained my person to lift up gently on my leash so that I know to reach out with my paw and test the ground in front of me for a step up or down. I very rarely stumble that way. People on our walks don’t even know I’m blind! Plus I have a very good sniffer. So when a new friend comes up, I greet them eagerly with my nub wagging.

Lindsey says I just have a nose for trouble. Sheesh, just because you chew through a couple of plastic trashcans and a vacuum sealed dog food container, you get a reputation for trouble. But while they have put a baby-gate to keep me out of the kitchen, my sense of smell comes in awfully handy when I want to find my people. Since my Lindsey works from home, she wears perfume so I can find her better. And when all else fails and I want to find my humans, I simply sit or stand wherever I am and yell “Arf, arf” and they come running to get me. Then Lindsey picks me up like a baby and carries me to wherever she is. Ahh….naptime.

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