Saturday, December 22, 2012

Guest Blogger Ziggy: Something's Up

Zigg, here. Something odd is happening at my house. Vacuuming, baking, company. There is a bird as big as Zigg in the refrigerator. And men in uniform keep leaving packages between the doors. I need to bark to foil intruders several times a day. Look at the neat hat I stole from the guy who claimed to be cleaning the chimney. This polyester fur is almost as tasty as used tissues.

Speaking of used tissues, Mary was very worried that I had kennel cough. I sounded bad—hawking, hawking, hawking--but nothing came up. Then she found the shreds of tissue behind the sofa. She checked my teeth for evidence. Apparently she found some, because she suggested I try a drink of water.

We have lots of company. I wait in the crate until the people are settled. If the guests are adults, I get to come out and play. If the guests are children, I get a nylabone and stay in the crate until they go home. I don’t bark, but I groan once in a while so Mary doesn’t forget about me.    

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